Portable Propane Grill

Portable Propane Grill

Portable Propane Grill – Advantages and 6 Caring Tips

Thank you for visiting and welcome to gasgrillpropanetank.com your online source for portable propane grill.  We also offer a selection of portable propane grill accessories such as gauges and covers.

Portable propane tanks for sale come in many different sizes those for gas grill are usually small and portable and often called cylinders or bottles, this allows you to move the gas grill to a convenient position on a patio, deck, or in the garden.  There is a variety of portable propane tanks for use with grills in addition different types of grills have different valves.  There is not a standardized gas grill propane tank valve and different brands of tanks use different valve types.    Avoid the frustration of a mismatch between tank and grill by first researching on your grill and the appropriate tank for it.

Portable Propane Grill : 6 Care Tips

1.Keep the tank in an upright position at all times even if the tank is tall.  Otherwise the propane may leak out and vaporize in the air, this is can be dangerous

2. Read the manufactures warnings and instructions on use of your gas grill.  These instructions vary between different types of grills and usually have important messages on the correct use of the grill.

3. Never place the propane tank near a naked flame as this will cause the tank to explode.  It is better to keep the tank outside the house as this will avoid its coming in contact with direct heat sources which may cause an explosion in the house.

4. Close the shut off valve of the gas tank when you have finished using it.  This will prevent leakage and should be done each time.

5. Use your sense of smell to help you detect leaks.  If you do smell gas, close off the tank immediately if it is not already closed, if the smell persists when the tank is closed the tank may be leaking and dangerous to use and should be serviced immediately.

6. If there are any surface rust, dents on the tank, bubbles at the blowout area, the tank may be leaking or damaged and should be repaired or replaced immediately.

Suppliers will usually take in and dispose of old propane tanks.  If they are unwilling to do so then ask the local town hall, or local authority, local waste or hazardous waste management company, or scrap metal yard.   Do not drop the old portable propane tank in the trash bin as it may damage the environment either now or in the future.

5 Points to Consider When Connecting Portable Propane Grill to Tank:

  1. Place the propane tank and grill on a clean level floor, ensure they are stable and will not be knocked over during use.
  2. The fitting switch should be turned to the off position before beginning to attach it to the grill.
  3. Many grills have dedicated point for the propane tank, carefully hook the propane tank to the point and ensure it is securely attached.  If the grill does not have a dedicated point, place the tank beside the grill.
  4. Lock the connection of both fitting by turning them in a counter clockwise direction firmly using a spanner if necessary.  (Do not over tighten the connection as this will damage the threaded fitting).
  5. Check for leaks using soapy water around the fitting.  If there are bubbles this shows there are leaks.  You should close the tank at once, disconnect the fittings, and connect them again and repeat the process.

Portable Propane Grill : The Advantages of a Gas Grill

Many more people have experienced the advantages of gas grills over the last few years.  A barbecue party is a great way to bond with friends and family.  The gas grill has advantages in comparison to the charcoal type of grill.

Starting the gas grill is convenient and easy you simply turn on the knob and push the start button and you are ready to go.  Charcoal by contrast takes time and effort to get started.

A charcoal grill needs constant attention to get and keep a suitable heat to cook on.   With a gas grill the heat is easily controlled and it is easy to keep an optimum temperature to cook any type of meal outdoors.

Gas grills have individual burners which can be adjusted up or down depending on what is being cooked.  You can cook different meals at the same time allowing you to bring food to your guests quickly.

After the party there are advantages also as the gas grill cools down quickly allowing you to take apart and clean the parts of the grill with ease.  By contrast the charcoal grill can take hours to cool down and is messy to clean.

Gas grills use propane or natural gas which is a highly flammable material and should be treated with caution.  Portable propane tanks are delivered in a tank and delivered to the grill through a pipe.  It is necessary to check the lines and connections regularly for damage or leaks.  This will avoid accidents or explosions which can cause fire.

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